Fantastic Apps for Bigcommerce

Fantastic Apps for Bigcommerce

One of the things that has really made BigCommerce popular is the range of apps that users can rely on. The list of apps is actually too large to include, but it is safe to say that everybody is guaranteed to find what they need there. It would be impossible for a single store to use every single one of the apps, or even to find each of the apps useful. However, it further demonstrates how BigCommerce ensures there is something for everybody.

One app that almost everybody will find useful is Zopim. This allows you to have real time data on customer behavior, as well as providing direct chat. This is a great way to see which pages are most popular. Additionally, it is an opportunity for your customers to speak to you if they want to. It integrates all the different Instant Messaging facilities, so it is even possible to chat with customers on their mobile phone. There are both paid for and free Zopim options, and it is up to you to decide which version is most suitable to your needs.

Another great app is AddShoppers, which is particularly useful for social sharing. This means that you are able to see which pages are shared most often and by whom. Furthermore, it comes with a social application for revenue boosting, which means that you can offer your customers rewards for sharing. Additionally, it can provide you regular reports (you can set the frequency) so that you can see which one of your social media platforms has the greatest positive effect. AddShoppers comes in free different prices, one of which is free.

Then, there is the Omnistar Affiliate software. This is a fantastic tool if you want to use affiliate marketing to draw attention to your store. More and more businesses are now doing this because it means others advertise for them for a very low price. It is one of the strongest forms of marketing around today, particularly considering its return on investment. Omnistar Affiliate Manager has been designed specifically for BigCommerce, and it can be fully customized to your own personal needs. Over 14,000 companies around the world currently use it, which is a true testament to how good it is. Best of all, rather than having to pay affiliate rates to Omnistar, you simply have to pay a monthly fee of $27, regardless of how successful your affiliate marketers become. It also offers a free trial.

Constant Contact is another very useful plugin. Indeed, industry experts believe this is the best email marketing system that exists today. It allows you to send out mass emails, but in a much more targeted way, allowing you to create segmented lists. It can be integrated fully with Google Analytics and it allows for various tests and reports so that you can find out which one of your email marketing efforts is the most successful. It is also surprisingly user-friendly, with drag and drop functionality and more. The basic plan starts at only $20 a month, and there is an option to upgrade to the essential plan at $45 a month. If you want to try out Constant Contact, click the link below for a risk-free 60 day trial!CTCT_horizontal_logo

If you want to try out Constant Contact free for 60 days, click here!

Finally, there is the abandoned cart server. This is not a separate app, but rather one that is automatically added to your BigCommerce account if you sign up to the Gold Plan or higher. This is really only suitable if you have over 1,000 different products in your inventory, however. Luckily, you can also pay to receive the abandoned cart server if you do not sign up to the Gold Plan.